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Mailing list for information exchange on biosemiotic topics
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Mara Woods
Sara Cannizzaro
Timo Maran
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Mailing list for exchanging information (discussions, academic events, publications) on biosemiotic topics, and for letters of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies.


To subscribe to the list, please send an email with an empty body and the subject line "SUBscribe biosemiotics [Your Name]" to sympa@lists.ut.ee. You will receive manual confirmation of receipt of your email.

To start using this web-interface, please: 1. click "Sisene" [Log in] (top left), 2. click "Saatke mulle parool" [Send me password], 3. type your email address and click again "Saatke mulle mu parool" [Send me password]. The initial password will be sent to your email. We apologise that the login page is in Estonian, after initial login the language of the web-interface can be changed by clicking "Eelistused" [Preferences] (top right) and changing "Keel" [Language] to US.

Restrictions: List members should limit their activity to one message per day per person.
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